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This refers directly to the topic of the discussion that most likely got me suspended from Twitter. Basically, the question is this: is it our genes and hormone balance (something related to our biological sex) or our ‘gender identity’ (somehow both unaffected by social conditioning and hormones) that shapes our brains?

I should probably send this to the person who linked me to that study, but I don’t want to get suspended again.


In all my posts at the beginning I will include a simple paragraph that you can cut and paste that explains why the research quoted does not demonstrate a biological basis for Transexualism. Below is the first one.

START QUOTING HERE – In 2002, research carried out by Chung, De Vries, and Swaab, showed that the differences in the BSTc area in the hypothalmus observed between males and females, did not occur until adulthood – at the earliest 22 years of age. As the majority of Transexuals report that they feel as if they are in the wrong body before the age of 22, these feelings do not appear to be connected to the size of the BSTc area in the hypothalmus. The Transexuals studied were taking feminising hormones and this is the most likely cause of similar sizes of BSTc in females and MtoF transexuals. A recent study by…

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