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Introducing legislation based on ‘gender’ or ‘gender identity’ actually codifies into law the sex-based gender roles we are trying to abolish for the freedom of all. ‘Sex discrimination’ covers all that (at least it should). After all, applying gender roles to people is already sex discrimination in and of itself.

Sex matters.

Sex discrimination demands particular kinds of behavior from one sex, but prohibits the same behavior from the other sex.[i] For example, wearing dresses is ok, but only for females; engaging in sexual relations with females is ok, but only for males. Legal prohibition against sex discrimination encompasses the social policing of both homosexuality[ii] and sex-role (or gender) non-conformity.

Instead of isolating gender non-conforming and gender dysphoric people as a disordered class of persons whose defining characteristic is their departure from normative sex role behavior or appearance, we should recognize enforcement of sex role limitations as universal violations of our human rights—even when they are supported by medical professionals.[iii],[iv],[v] Considering gender dysphoria on an individual level, as special kind of medical condition, evades examination of the oppressive psychological effects of mutually exclusive sex roles. This is particularly disturbing when the suggested medical treatment for…

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