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The Song of Lilith

You look afraid, brother.   Have you never seen a thinking, breathing tornado, come to annihilate a false god?   Oh yes, Adam, I am talking to you Dust Colossus, High Priest of Death, the Great Blamer and Slaver Of All He Hath Named.   Don’t think I don’t see you, walking in the Garden, […]

Trinity’s Misogynist Mix Vol I.

Sun Tzu said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles. Being familiar with the things misogynists say is valuable when it comes to recognizing patterns and cutting straight through the bullshit when faced with misogyny in real life. Men have been saying the same […]

The ‘Cissexism’ Charge: Linguistic Erasure of Females

Originally posted on Women of the Patriarchy:
I really don’t know how to begin this post. I don’t know how to introduce it or create some eloquent lead in. All I can say is: Fuck. Fuck no. Fuck you. Fuck everything. Exhibit A: Trans efforts to completely erase femalehood from existence. A determined means of…

The Penis is Not a Weapon, Man Claims

Reading a bit over on GenderTrender, I saw a link to a German article in the comment section, posted by commenter IceMountainFire. It was an article about a German men’s rights book, and it was titled “The Penis is Not a Weapon“. So with a blatant lie like that in title, I got curious and […]

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Note how there is no percentage saying “misunderstandings”? That’s because there’s no such thing as whoopsie-it-was-an-accident rape. Fuck the “Good Men Project” and all other rape apologizing scum. View original post