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The ‘Cissexism’ Charge: Linguistic Erasure of Females

“It’s astounding to watch as more and more language is taken away from women.

“Tall” refers to people who are lengthier than most when measured from the top of their head to the soles of their feet.

“Blonde” refers to people whose hair is of a particular pigmentation.

“Right-handed” refers to people whose right hand has dominant dexterity.

“Female” refers to people with vaginas, uteri, and ovaries. When a child is born, this categorization is made. Medical technology has made this categorization before birth.

While lots of categories aren’t important, the sex category is, because the category a person is assigned to has a huge impact in how they are going to be treated and seen in society.

Sex is central to understanding women’s oppression, because it is what their oppression is based on.

But the term “woman” no longer belongs to the people assigned to that category and oppressed based on that category. No, men want in on it.

Then we had left the term “female” to highlight the sex-based nature of our oppression, but no, that no longer belongs to us either, because “female penises.”

Now we’re down to “menstruators,” These labels distance women further and further from the root of SEXism.”

– By Women of the Patriarchy

[The linked content includes description of female genital mutilation]

Women of the Patriarchy

I really don’t know how to begin this post. I don’t know how to introduce it or create some eloquent lead in. All I can say is:


Fuck no.

Fuck you.

Fuck everything.


Exhibit A: Trans efforts to completely erase femalehood from existence. A determined means of preventing any sort of meaningful analysis of the oppression and abuse of women from taking place.

Trans activists are now stating that calling female genital mutilation, an act of violence against females, is cissexist. In reference to female children having their clitorises removed and their vaginas sewn shut, twanzactivists scream “WHAT ABOUT MEEEEEE?”

To all you twanz men out there (no, you will never, ever, ever, ever be women, ladies, girls, or whatever other terms you want to appropriate from females, AKA, human beings (no really, we’re actually fucking human beings) with real, actual nature-made and male-controlled vaginas):

Fuck you, monsters.

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