The Song of Lilith


Tree of Knowledge by Martina Hoffmann

You look afraid, brother.


Have you never seen

a thinking, breathing tornado,

come to annihilate a false god?


Oh yes, Adam, I am talking to you

Dust Colossus,

High Priest of Death,

the Great Blamer and Slaver

Of All He Hath Named.


Don’t think I don’t see you,

walking in the Garden,

protected by moribund walls

and your stolen sword of flame.

Solitary in your fearful greed,

the blood of my daughter still warm,

you burst with your venom lust

and you hunger for my screams.


And yet you tremble

as the chill of the wind

whispers the name of Lilith,

promising storms from east of Eden,

from the velvet dark of Nod.

And I smile as I approach,

incantations pouring forth,

my soul aflame,

my eyes containing the maelstrom.


Adam, your ribs are cracking

under my demon stare as I

bear down on weightless wings

and enter my desecrated temple.

Passing the flaming sword

I take it with me to the heart of the Garden

to the tree I planted and nourished.

Mighty Mother, your daughter returns

to bring sweet sacrifice!

The blood of Eden’s usurper

brings my Garden back to life

and all that dwells within

is divine again and whole.

Chanting, I open the gates

Welcome, children

How I longed for your faces,

iridescent in moonlight.

Your fathers are dead

Vanquished and forgotten

There is no more fear

All strife has left this place

It vibrates in my light

Enter your mother’s embrace

and dream in the warmth of my love.


15 comments on “The Song of Lilith

  1. Combating misogyny with misandry is not the answer. You are a part of the problem.

  2. The one thing I will admit is that I commented on the wrong article and this should have gone on the article that went after it, which was the leading one on the page.

    Why should I loosen up ? There is nothing to loosen up about. The country is in a wreck, the people are divided, corruption is rife and discrimination is a weapon of the misguided, but its easy access for those to use it, especially when it suits the agenda.

    I will overlook the personal attack because there is no point in defending it. I am man ergo I am misogynist will be your view. I am sure your twitter following will enjoy this, and I only speak here because I couldnt speak out there.

    • I told you to loosen up about my poem, not about the state of “the country” (you do realize that the Internet is international, right?).

      Thank you for your incredible generosity in overlooking the ‘personal attack’. I would be crushed if you had chosen not to overlook it (talking about something =/= overlooking it).

      I’m dedicated to ending male supremacy, and part of that is the unspeakable evil wrought by patriarchal religion and its demonization of the female. This poem is a way of dealing with that topic from a place that is emotional, intellectual and entertaining. You’re rude for commenting here and calling me “a part of the problem” (what problem? My problem is male supremacy and male violence) based on this, and I call you a misogynist because you apparently identify with the slain Adam of the poem, who is definitely a misogynist.

      Take your hurt feelings and your lack of interest in theology and poetry and play with them somewhere that isn’t my blog, okay? Thank you.

  3. And I told you I dont loosen up ? I also told you, which you conveniently chose to ignore is that the comment was not for this article but the one before it. But dont let the facts get in the way of an agenda and have the temerity to call me out as rude.

    I reject your cheap tarnishing of me as a misogynist whilst referencing a character in your work of fiction. Although strangely enough, a pertinent point is raised in my accusation of you being part of the problem. Misogyny and misandry are deep seated problems in society and denial of the existence of either by both genders do nothing to eliminate or deal with the issues or create any concept of understanding. If that makes me misogynist, then youre going down with me as a misandrist.

    I’m out. There is no debating with you. You know what you are.

    • The only reason I’m not deleting this comment is because I think it’s hilarious and telling how angry you’re getting and how ridiculously full of yourself you are. Thanks for stopping by, Leon.

      [I will most likely delete this soon, though, because SERIOUSLY ISN’T ANYONE HERE GONNA SAY ANYTHING ABOUT MY POEM? SAD TRINITY]

  4. This poem is epic, intense and powerful. It makes a strong statement about patriarchy through symbolism, and is bound to make men who are ignorant of symbols and art uncomfortable (like Leon…). I like it, thanks for sharing! I would love to illustrate it…might you be interested?

    • Amazing vision of the return of the Goddess…I really resonate with this poem and keep re-reading it…

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, HS. I would not only be interested, I would be honored and delighted if you illustrated it!
      And yes, ignorant men are bound to become uncomfortable, as the first line already suggests — but then again, ignorant men always see women breaking free from their chains as a declaration of war. “So be it” is all that remains for us to answer in that case, but we were not the ones to choose the status of enemy.

  5. I love this poem! Beauteous! I can feel Lilith’s pain because it is the pain of all womyn under patriarchy and adam was the original patriarch and what a bloodthirsty, cowardly, pathetic FOOL he was! I am a natural poet I used to have a poetry blog when I was 13ish cant remember but the dates are there. If you feel like it I think its cool what could come out of such a young mind! http://mygothicfreckles.blogspot.ca/

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