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Sister Trinity’s Feminist Q & A

Sister Trinity’s Feminist Q&A Everything you always wanted to know about (radical) feminism but never dared to ask   This here is the introduction post to the Q & A. It isn’t necessary for you to read all this to participate in the Q & A, but if you are interested, read. If you are […]

Censorship from Left and Right – by bell hooks

Below is an excerpt from bell hooks’ 1994 essay “Censorship from Left and Right” “In the early years of contemporary feminist movement, solidarity between women was often equated with the formation of “safe” spaces where groups of presumably like-minded women could come together, sharing ideas and experiences without fear of silencing or rigorous challenges. Groups […]

Activism to normalize gender transitioning now comes at children’s expense

Originally posted on Sex matters.:
It was recently announced that the Oregon Health Plan, which provides healthcare coverage to low-income residents of Oregon, will cover “medical care” for “transgender” children starting October 1, 2014. [1] The official text of the Oregon Health Plan guideline reads: “Hormone treatment is included on this line only for use…

I write about violence. They arrive looking for porn.

Originally posted on You've Got Male:
Here are the search terms that have brought people to my blog Pass the Flaming Sword since I started it. Many feminist bloggers have this issue. We write about women and girls being hurt, exploited, abused, killed…and we find people (boys and men) arriving on our blogs because…

The Time I Saw A Man Who Raped Me

Walking home It’s been a long day and it’s cold Huge bus flashing by in the window reflection Street corner faces and bakery smells And BOOM there on the other side of a thin sheet of glass Real, not an apparition Never was He was never not real When he tore my –   I […]

Feminism’s Gender Identity Crisis

Okay, so this article or whatever it is pretty much sums up everything that is wrong with the current direction the mainstream discourse on feminism has taken, and so I felt a need to comment on it. A lot. And I apologize in advance if I come off like a smartass, especially should the author […]