Male Violence

Portrait of Eight Paying Rapists

People say prostitution is necessary. Some even go as far as saying it’s a necessary evil, but even those people still insist it is necessary. If men can’t buy access to women’s bodies, these people say, whatever will they do? Yes, I would like to ask them, what exactly is it you think men will […]

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Note how there is no percentage saying “misunderstandings”? That’s because there’s no such thing as whoopsie-it-was-an-accident rape. Fuck the “Good Men Project” and all other rape apologizing scum. View original post

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I was tortured. That is the hardest thing to say to myself – hardest thing to let into my mind. Almost impossible for my body to go with that I was tortured. I can write to the torture with detachment, with my heart firmly locked away from what it was…