Some Men

This poem was inspired by a recent influx of tweets from men saying, “Don’t tar us all with the same brush, only SOME men are like that” when women were discussing the prevalence of violent pornography or the rape threats feminists receive on a daily basis. These men consistently fail to see that there is […]

Cold Crystals

I ate cold crystals they ate me back them is both freezing and fever depression starvation death wish despair decades of undiagnosed illness purged from me from the trinity from a well-fed slave to parasite systems to starving broken resistance rebuild, reflect, regain in revolution   I ate them they ate me now learning to […]

The Time I Saw A Man Who Raped Me

Walking home It’s been a long day and it’s cold Huge bus flashing by in the window reflection Street corner faces and bakery smells And BOOM there on the other side of a thin sheet of glass Real, not an apparition Never was He was never not real When he tore my –   I […]

The Song of Lilith

You look afraid, brother.   Have you never seen a thinking, breathing tornado, come to annihilate a false god?   Oh yes, Adam, I am talking to you Dust Colossus, High Priest of Death, the Great Blamer and Slaver Of All He Hath Named.   Don’t think I don’t see you, walking in the Garden, […]

Two Finger Test

During the Egyptian revolution in 2011, women who had been detained by the military were subjected to so-called ‘virginity tests’ to refute claims that they had been raped while in custody. The “two finger test” is still used as evidence in rape investigations in India. They rape victims, no matter what age, with their fingers […]