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The mainstream media censors the truth about prostitution while pimps masquerade as advocates

The following is a translation of an article published on the German feminist website Emma. The article was originally meant to be published elsewhere but was censored, as the introductory paragraph explains. You can find the original here (without introduction, which was on the main Emma page). ———- On Monday, the ‘taz’ paper published a harsh […]

Originally posted on Rebecca Mott:
I was tortured. That is the hardest thing to say to myself – hardest thing to let into my mind. Almost impossible for my body to go with that I was tortured. I can write to the torture with detachment, with my heart firmly locked away from what it was…

Two Finger Test

During the Egyptian revolution in 2011, women who had been detained by the military were subjected to so-called ‘virginity tests’ to refute claims that they had been raped while in custody. The “two finger test” is still used as evidence in rape investigations in India. They rape victims, no matter what age, with their fingers […]