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Exited Women: Prostitution is Violent and Unfree

The following is my translation of an article published on the Danish website Politiken.dk on March 9, 2013 Selling yourself is disgraceful, violent and unfree Written by Tanja Rahm, sexologist and author Alice Viola, mentor and therapist Christina Christensen, educator Lita Malmberg, unemployed social educator Pia Christensen, cand.mag. (BA in Denmark) Odile Poulsen, author and […]

Cold Crystals

I ate cold crystals they ate me back them is both freezing and fever depression starvation death wish despair decades of undiagnosed illness purged from me from the trinity from a well-fed slave to parasite systems to starving broken resistance rebuild, reflect, regain in revolution   I ate them they ate me now learning to […]