Trinity’s Disgust-o-rama

I took some pictures while in London for Radfem2013. No, not of the Eye or the Shard or Westminster. Of disgusting things, of blatant misogyny being peddled in the street. Because I am a fun person like that. There are also some pictures from locations that aren’t London towards the bottom of the post.


They say you can tell a lot about someone’s personality from their shoes.


This is not subtle.


Women=consumable body parts. These shirts are no doubt popular with rapists.


Females are things and they must be cute. Males are people and own females.

This concludes my little trip around Camden Market (where I was also subjected to some horrible dancehall-like music about ‘tight pussy’). Now check out these disgusting magazines they try to sell you at Sainsbury’s:







Hey-hey! Women being tortured, mutilated, raped and slaughtered…it’s fun for the whole family!

Then, on my further travels through this world, I encountered these disgusting things.


These paintings filled an entire storefront in a city center. Asian fetish porn paintings.


Fugly Fugly2

These are pen holders, I think. Quite suggestive of prostitution. At least they scream power imbalance, and the cigar-smoking man is shown basically consuming an unwilling/passive woman.

There is misogyny and pornification wherever you turn, and men tell women to just look away, to turn the page, to ignore, block, rise above it and laugh.

Fuck that. That’s what we have been doing and it’s not working. At least I don’t see how ignoring these things will make me happy or safe. If you too are sick of these things, take a first step by showing your disgust as openly as possible. Being opposed to pornification and indeed porn itself needs to become normal for girls and women.


13 comments on “Trinity’s Disgust-o-rama

  1. It IS everywhere – every nook – even in ‘family friendly’ areas now – grooming – conditioning a generation of sex-obsessed zombies.
    That ‘McDonald’s’ T-shirt is filth.

    • It’s doubly inescapable: first we ourselves are inundated in these images from cradle to grave, and secondly we are forced to interact with a world of men raised to see us through dehumanizing porn goggles and who physically, mentally and economically hurt us as a result. Cleaning the public space of these images would be a big step toward a world that is not quite as punishing to its daughters.

  2. Those magazines are like that every single issue, I’ve tweeted about it at various points. The cheaper (ie, most accessible and widely read) the magazine, the more woman-torture features on its front page. Key words like rape and torture are usually bolded and in a larger font; next to a smiling woman and the title “That’s Life!” or “Love it!”. They piss me off like nothing else.

  3. Better stay indoors forever then, you’ll be safer that way.

    • Hello, Matthew. You’re an asshole. Goodbye, Matthew.

    • Because this is not our world too? Because this is a man’s world (where women are just bodies to be exposed and used)? Well we know that and this is why we feminists are working on changing that because guess what; it is indeed our world too! Goodbye asshole.

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